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Traditional. Smooth. Ultra Premium

Traditional. Smooth. Ultra Premium
Zim's is short for Ziemniak, the Polish word for potato

When we set out in 2010 to create a new vodka brand, we had three clear words firmly in our mind: TRADITIONAL, SMOOTH & ULTRA PREMIUM

During our exhaustive research, there were two countries who bore the distinction of producing for the longest time, some of the best vodka in the world. Poland and Russia.

We chose Poland. Why? We weren’t interested in producing yet another grain vodka, we wanted a potato based recipe that would deliver the smoothest ultra premium vodka on the planet.

We believe that only traditional vodka producing nations can deliver world class products  using very accurate and well honed distillation practices with minimal filtering thus preserving the unique flavors and characteristics native to the region.

We found a distillery in southwestern Poland that cherishes its centuries old processes where tradition and quality are law.

Distilling since 1762, they put over 250 years of experience to work on the proprietary recipes and processes for ZIM’S Vodkas.



South western Poland delivers some of the most fertile land and the longest and warmest growing season in western Europe.  These conditions deliver potatoes that are some of the highest in starch content in the world.

We use Polish spring water that is filtered through a proprietary reverse osmosis system.

The final steps include the distilling and filtering procedures which we describe for ZIM’S as being distilled and filtered to perfection.

So there you go, with every glass of ZIM’S you’ll taste the finest old world ingredients, hundreds of years of distilling genius and our  Founder, T.O.’s personal obsession with vodka perfection for the discerning connoisseurs.

To be the best, you use the best ingredients, execute the best processes, educate your customers, work harder then the next guy and be over the top passionate about everything you do.

Terry L. Olson Founder, ZIM’S Vodka

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